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Next gig: The Water Rats on Saturday 16 March


Signs of Life EP out now – just £3 at

Download the press release or album art (by Siamak Amini)

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Saturday 16 March 2013: The Water Rats, London

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Signs of Life cover art

Signs of Life (EP)

Buy it now at Bandcamp

Friday Night Anywhere cover art

Friday Night Anywhere (EP)

Buy it now at Bandcamp

Glorious Disorder cover art

Glorious Disorder (single)

Buy it (plus two b-sides) now at Bandcamp

Single Science cover art

Single Science (album)

Buy it now at Bandcamp

Honorary Girl cover art

Honorary Girl (single)

Buy it now at Bandcamp

I Want Don't Get cover art

I Want Don't Get (EP)

Buy it now on iTunes

You can buy our music at Bandcamp, iTunes and other reputable online music shops.

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Cop on the Edge press photo
Photo by Laura Ward

Cop on the Edge are James Higgott, Stephen Holbrook, Anna McCleery and Jim Paterson. They spend most of their time in London and are pretty open to offers.

Download the hi-res press photo (by Laura Ward)
Download the hi-res Signs of Life cover (by Siamak Amini)
Download the Single Science album press release

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